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  • Enjoy FREE SHIPPING for orders over $60

Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil Pen

Renew your cuticles with our softening cuticle oil with Vitamin E. Our uniquely blended cuticle oil formula nourishes, moisturizes and protects cuticles and nails that lead to undeniably gorgeous nails! Applying cuticle oil can increase circulation around your nails, stimulating healthy nail growth.


How to Use:

Our convenient cuticle oil brush pen can make application of cuticle oil onto your nails super easy without any mess. Unlike messy droppers, our cuticle oil pen allows accurate and efficient application of the oil to the base of your nails without any waste.


Using only ingredients found in nature, nū119 delivers the perfect combination to uncover the beauty of you.

Vitamin E

Increases moisture to the nail bed and the skin around the nails to rejuvenate and restore dry cuticles

Argan Oil

Keeps your nails and the skin surrounding them protected and moisturized.