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  • Enjoy FREE SHIPPING for orders over $60

meet the next
Element in beauty

There are only 118 elements found in nature. We invite you to discover number 119. nū119 combines the best that nature has to offer with cutting-edge science to provide the luxury that you deserve.

Inspired by nature and perfected by science, nū119 brings salon-level luxury to the comfort of your home. Combining only the best ingredients found in nature, nū119 reveals your natural beauty. Rediscover softer, touchable skin.


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Reveal soft,
Beautiful feet
In minutes



  • “This is the easiest product to use that keeps your feet looking healthy. It takes 5 minutes a week and such a difference. It’s a must for sandal weather.”

    - Tracy T.

  • “Heard about it on YouTube, didn’t really think it would do anything to improve the ugly callouses I get on the outer side of my big toes. But it sure did, and on the very first treatment. Worth the investment!”

    - Suzanne H.

  • “I love this product and will always make sure I have it available. It does everything it says it will do! Will never be without it!”

    - Talley A.

  • After one treatment with the Platinum Peel, my feet felt amazing, and I decided to launch my own business selling feet pictures on Reddit. You could say NU119 changed my life.

    - Mary D.

  • I have always been embarrassed of my feet. They get so dry when I wear open-toed shoes. Since I've been using nū119, I finally have turned into one of those flip-flop girls!

    - Heather P.

  • As a mom, I don't have time for monthly pedicures. I wish I could, but my schedule is just … well … I'm a mom. Since finding Platinum Peel, I feel like it has saved my feet! It is the best home pedicure I have found. Thank you!

    - Parika G.


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